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My name is John Press

To book an appointment please email me stating the date and time you would like.

I now have a Rife machine which I can use on patients remotely without them leaving their house. This requires the subject to send/give a finger/toe nail clipping to me. More details will be given on contact.

My Rife machine is considered the best on the market and the most affordable. It’s called a Spooky 2 and one of the reasons why, is because Einstein called the theory of entanglement very spooky. The quantum theory of entanglement on which it operates in part, is that when two molecules are entangled, if you take one and alter it the other one changes as well instantly no matter how far apart they may be. Find out more here – Spooky 2 Machine

Unifyd TV is an amazing site with one of it’s aims, to unify the whole world. This is something I am very proud and pleased to be a part of. It promotes the Light and is fighting back against the injustice being done to humanity. It promotes healing and true justice and is against the madmen and women who want to surpress us. I ask you to check out Jason Shurka and the movement Click Here

Introducing the new amazing Miramat

For anyone attending healing in the centre, please make sure you are well hydrated. This is important. On that subject I recommend that generally everyone should drink 2 litres of water every day.

I would like to recommend a Yoga practise here in Bristol.
PBE Yoga