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Bristol Healing Centre

Bristol Healing Centre

Congratulations in finding my healing website. All are welcome here. I urge you to read all the pages in their entirety, it will benefit you tremendously.

What is this type of healing and how can people heal each other? The answer is quite simply through a transference of energy. The type of energy that is all around us. We all create our own environments, and by people using this energy differently it can cause variations in their reality and therefore their life.Toxic thoughts, emotions, words and beliefs will all cause toxicIty in the body.

I believe given the ability to receive healing, is for the betterment of my brothers and sisters, this is one of my life callings.

There are several different types of healing, but all do the same thing in a slightly different way. Some of you might of heard of the recent roll out of Med Beds. These beds rely on quantum science to work and are extremely advanced and very complicated for most of us to fully understand. Like all healing techniques, they rely on a form of energy. Then there is Reiki where the practitioner undergoes a course of training. Then there is universal healing in which one calls on the Universe, God, The Divine Creator, The Lord or Source. It matters not what you call it. All you need to know that it works. You do not even have to believe it will work, but it most definitely will and if the practitioner is in tune. I’ve never known it to fail yet.

How do healers like myself call on such an energy. Quite simply we ask for it to be sent. This process is learnt. Absolutely anyone can do this, no good healer would regard themselves as special. For those old enough to remember transistor radios, if one touched the antenna then a stronger signal would be heard. We are all receivers and just like the radio we also need to be tuned in to the right station, so to speak, to know and achieve the healing practice. It is my belief everyone has the ability to heal and to be healed. 

How do we tune ourselves in to source? Meditation will help with this, most good healers meditate at least once a day. There are many videos on this subject and much has been written. It is my opinion that you must believe and trust in God totally. Once you have accepted this you will want to find The Great Creator. If you want to find God, look within. Again, much has been written on this. Once this has been achieved then one will start to look at things in a different way and feel a little different than before. You may find a new level of Love to share. Some will start to question much. This is generally considered as waking up. No one else can do this for you, only yourself. If you would like to know more about the energy I have referred to, please research Scalar energy and Scalar waves.

I practice my healing in a purpose built healing centre, that was built with healing in mind. The building will be fully cleansed and spiritually attuned. The patient can choose to lay down on their back/front or sit in a chair, preferably in a relaxed manner. You can also have a Chakra balancing session if no specific healing is required. A session is approximately 20 minutes or longer, if I feel this is justified. I also offer a distant healing treatment where the patient can be treated where ever they are (please ask for details). Healing will be felt in different ways. Some will feel heat or even cold. Some will feel something shifting and happening right away, with others it can take weeks. I may suggest to you a further session will be required depending on the situation. The dispersal of oils and/or incense can be used to the discretion of the patient. Soothing music is available for relaxation. My healing comes from God source and that’s why it is totally free of charge. I do kindly accept any donations or gifts with the highest gratitude.

Legal disclaimer. I am not a doctor, so will not offer any medical advice. I offer an alternative practice but not to take the place of a doctor or make any claims there of.