What is Love

In the words of the late Johnny Cash, “Nothing has ever been found that’s stronger than love”. The love between a parent and child is often very strong but not always reciprocal to the point of honesty.

Looking at the Bible for a moment. The problem is that if one assumes the Bible is accurate then you’re overlooking one important fact. The Bible we are led to believe was originally written in ancient Hebrew. When the bible was translated into English some thousands of years later there were very few individuals if any that could translate ancient Hebrew which differs from modern Hebrew. So some texts were translated as close as could be conceived. This is the issue with inconsistency as we understand it today. Take what you can from the Bible and put aside the rest. Remember God is only love. So question individuals who speak about the wrath of God or the Ten Commandments.

I can say that what love is not; an emotion. One can express love, give love, make love, be in love, feel love etc.. When a couple are said to be in love often get married, which is a contract between them that places certain conditions and restrictions on the relationship. This is not unconditional love. The love that God has for everyone and everything is unconditional.