About Me

I operate as a healing practitioner, with service to others as my agenda. I believe we are all interconnected and are of one consciousness, which will become so and apparent to everyone as we move forward to a higher density and a much better future together. We must all help each other. I live and heal from my premises in Downend. My label is John Press, I am retired and at total peace. I have one son, two daughters and two grandchildren.

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Love is so very important, but it alone will not set us free. When we know the truth we will be free. Free from the matrix which binds the majority of the population. I try to act without personal judgement.

I practice various activities every week and play squash most days. I use various recharge and realignment classes as well as strength work. I relax mainly with meditation, also carpentry and collecting records which I listen to regularly. People were not made to suffer and by my healing practice, I believe makes the energy grid around us stronger. Love and Gratitude is key to all this.
If you would like healing, please go to the booking page.

Why do people argue? What can it possibly achieve? Does it really matter who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s only your or someone else’s perception of the truth. It is only your ego that’s ruling your head?

Worrying will not take away tomorrows issues, but it will spoil today’s peace.

Love Light,Peace.