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About Me

About me

I am practicing as a healing practitioner, with service to others as my agenda. I believe we are all interconnected and are of one consciousness which will become stronger and stronger as we move forward into a higher level of this density and a better future together. We must all help each other in one way or another. I live in Downend, Bristol. I am retired and I am totally happy. I have one son, two daughters and two grandchildren and I am at total peace.

Love is so very important, but it alone, will not set us free. When we all know the truth we will be truly free. Free from the matrix that now binds us. I try to act without making personal judgements. I practice various re-alignment and re-charge arts weekly which I enjoy very much. I play squash many times a week. My hobbies include, carpentry and I collect vinyl records which I play and listen to when relaxing. Meditation is also a big part of my life and I encourage everyone to practice this for a better inner strength and a stress free life.

People were not made to suffer and by doing my little bit to help makes the energy grid around us stronger and more fulfilling as we move higher into this density. Love and Gratitude are the key to all this. At this stage I am prepared to treat one or two people per day. Please go to the booking page to book a future appointment, where you will receive a confirmation email.

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it only takes away today’s peace.