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About You

Some people might be wondering why they should visit a Holistic Practitioner like myself. Well there could be several reasons. For example if you are feeling depressed or are suffering pain or an injury or get symptoms that no one can seem to heal. I know I can help you.

A lot of people I treat are spiritual individuals, but it doesn’t matter if you are or you are not, as far as the healing process is involved. It even doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in God, because one day you certainly will.

Why Are We Here?
The answer is very simple. To experience things about ourselves that would not necessarily be apparent. In other words we are in total control to the things that happen to us. The reality you are now experiencing is because you have manifested it into existence. We can manifest anything we want. We just have to believe it’s possible.

People usually then say, Oh yea, why can’t I manifest the jackpot win on the National Lottery? The reason is because you don’t believe you can, and with good cause, because the true odds are astronomical, and usually ony one person can win it. You can manifest anything believable to yourself at anytime, but the very best time is when you have just awoken. When your in that still sleepy state and not fully awake, but your aware of your surroundings.

The very act of manifesting things into your life is so very important to understand. Not only for your personal gain, but for your well-being. If one is to remain ignorant regarding this then it’s likely that you accidentally manifest something that is not welcome. My advice is to dive deep into this subject because I want you to be healthy always. First you have to believe in manifestation. So why not try it yourself by choosing something that could easily happen, for example, l would like someone today to buy me a coffee, fully believe this will happen and visualise yourself sat down drinking it. The reason it works is because you are focusing on the event happening to fulfilment and not on the lack, like the lottery jackpot win. Top athletes do this visualisation thing to achieve success all the time. Once you have mastered the easier things. You could start to heal yourself. I suggest being in a relaxed, comfortable place and go into a deep meditation. Visualise yourself as being totally healthy and happy. Visualise yourself doing the things that you love, that perhaps you were not able to do before. You might have to do this a few times to reinforce the affirmation. Let’s see miracles happen so often, they are common place and not regarded as miracles any more. Be the change, that you want to see in the world.

What about the people who are considered asleep and not aware of such things that I’ve mentioned above. We must not leave these people behind because through no fault of their own they are not awake like some of us. It’s possible they could be have been programmed by the media and have not managed to break free. Most of us have heard of MK Ultra with the associated mind altering state. Subliminal messages first started in a United States Cinema in the summer of 1957. So imagine how good they’ve become now, some 64 years later! Subliminal messaging was born in a New Jersey movie theater with the Academy Award winning film “Picnic,” market researcher James Vicary flashed advertisements on the screen every 5 seconds. The interruptions were so fast at 1/3,000th of a second that they were undetectable by the conscious mind, but accepted by the sub consciousness. The fleeting advertisements of “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Hungry? Eat Popcorn” reportedly increased Coke sales by 18.1% and popcorn by 57.8%. This is a verifiable fact. However, if this experiment was repeated it was not made public. This would be very understandable, because if people had of realised what was happening things might of turned out very differently today and the controlling forces behind the scenes might not of had it so easy!

The Laws of Reality.

1. You exist. There has never been a time when you did not exist and there never will be. 2. The one is the all and the all is the one. In the future this will become more apparent. 3. What you put out you get back. The law of attraction. Sometimes referred to as karma which is self evolved. 4. The only constant is change and everything changes except the first three laws.

My conclusions to all is that there is some underlying dark force trying to keep us in our place. It’s my opinion gathered from various alternative news sources that these people are on the brink of collapse. My only hope is that it’s not to much of a shock for some. Please use your own discernment with what is my take on things. I wish you all God’s love and light. May we all live in peace and happiness.